In the context of home charging, the “OZEV Grant” refers to a government grant for electric car home chargers, provided by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV).

  • The OZEV EV chargepoint grant provides up to £350 off the cost of purchasing and installing a home charging point.

  • You can only claim one chargepoint per eligible vehicle and household.

  • The grant is available for people who live in a rented property or own a flat with dedicated off-street parking.

  • Your landlord or property manager may also be able to claim up to an additional £500 per bay (up to 60 bays) towards the cost of installing infrastructure for you and your neighbours via the EV infrastructure grant for residential car parks.

  • OZEV also offers grants for businesses to reduce the cost of installing EV infrastructure for staff and fleet parking.

Note: As of 31st March, the previous OZEV Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) is no longer available to claim.

How do I qualify for the OZEV Grant?

The grant is available for:

  • Homeowners who live in flats.

  • People living in rental accommodation (flats and single-use properties).

To be eligible for the grant, you must:

  • Live in a rented property or own a flat.

  • Have dedicated off-street parking.

  • Own, lease or have use of an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle eligible for the grant.

  • Not have already claimed the grant (either the EV chargepoint grant or the previous EVHS grant) for your EV.

Additionally, please note that you can no longer claim for 2 chargepoints if you own a second EV.

See thefull qualifying criteria, including vehicle and property requirements, on the government website.

Which vehicles are eligible for the OZEV Grant?

Not all plug-in vehicles are eligible for the grant. All full battery electric vehicles are eligible, but plug-in hybrid vehicle CO2 emissions must be calculated below 50g/km.

See a list of  theOZEV eligible vehicles on the government website.

How do I claim the OZEV Grant?

If you live in a rented house with dedicated off-street parking, all you have to do is answer a few simple questions and complete some documents with us while ordering your smart Charger.

Our team will then do the heavy lifting and claim the grant on your behalf.


If you live in a flat we need to assess whether you can have a charger connected to your flat’s electrical supply and meter, as you may be able to use the same checkout as those renting a house. However, for most people living in flats your charging unit will be connected to a communal supply and meter, in which case we request that you ask your property manager to get in touch with us about our Residential EV Charging Solution.


Tip: Anyone renting, leasing or managing a residential or commercial property can now claim the EV chargepoint grant for landlords. This grant provides up to 75% of the cost towards the purchase and installation of a chargepoint socket, limited to £350 per grant.

Tip: Save around £1,000 a year in fuel costs with a home charging point (instead of relying on public charging facilities).