October 5, 2022
  • By EV Made Easy

A cut-out is a piece of electrical equipment that is located at the end of the mains canle entering the house. It is usually located next to your electricity meter and is the only piece of internal equipment that your distribution network operator (DNO) are responsible for.

We need to know the size of your cut-out fuse as we have to provide this information to your DNO when applying to install you charger.
In tghe image bellow you can see circled where your main cut-out fuse will be located

Modern Cut of fuses 1990 – Present

Black Plastic Cut-out fuse 1960-1990

Metal Clad Cut-out -1930-1960

Alot of modern fuses will state the size 60amps, 80amps or 100amps. if it does note state it, we can enquire with your DNO
Black Plastic Cut-out fuses and metal clad fuses should be assumed to be 60amps unless it states otherwise.

We need to know the size of you fuse as a electric car charger uses a lot of load (32amps) if your cut out fuse is 60amps it is more than half of the power for your whole house. Depending on the other loads in your house, power shower, electric oven / hob etc it could be enough to blow your cut-out fuse. in this case it does not mean you cant have a EV charger. We would have to install a car charger (e.g Zappi) that has a CT clamp. The CT clamp will reduce the load it gives to the car if it detects the load is getting close the cut out fuse size