October 5, 2022
  • By EV Made Easy

You have 3 choices.

  • Leave the charger on your current property and install a new charger, you might want a different looking charger or want one with more features like solar capabilities. Have an EV charger on your property is a selling feature a survey recently completed stated this could add as much as £5k to the value of your property.
  • Take the car charger but leave the fuse board and existing this way you don’t have to pay out for a new charger but your old house is EV ready.
  •  Remove the car charger, fuse board and all cable and move to your new house.

We would recommend option 1 or 2 as option 3 can be very labour intensive and you might not be able to reuse everything depending on your charger location so could end up costing you more