October 5, 2022
  • By EV Made Easy

There are several different speeds you can charge your car at home. This will depend on several different factors the power source, the output of the charger, and the charging capacity of the vehicle. The most common charging speeds are listed below;

  • Three-pin plug – 2.3kW – Very slow
  • Home charge point – 3.6kW – Slow
  • Home charge point – 7.4kW – Fast (our recommendation)
  • Home charge point – up to 22kW – Fast

Can I have three-phase 22kW charging?
This depends on two things:
single vs three supply

Does your property have a three-phase electricity supply?
Can your car receive up to 22kW (AC)?

Most homes in the UK have a single phase supply. Look at the image above and you can compare it to your supply or alternatively contact us and we will determine this for you.

If you do have a three phase supply and know what car you are getting you can check our EV guide to see if it is possible to charge at 22kw (AC)